Welcome to Caloosa Boat Rental! We want to ensure that your boating experience is both fun and safe, so we have some important rules and guidelines to follow.

Please note that boating can be hazardous, so all operators and passengers assume all risks and responsibilities.

When it comes to returning your boat, please call 10 minutes before you plan to do so. Our office closes at 5 PM, and all boats must be unloaded by then. If you’re running late, please keep in mind that 20% will be added for every 15 minutes after 5 PM, unless you’ve received approval from our staff.

For your safety, please do not vary from your float plan, and stay within the boundaries set forth during your orientation.

If you need fuel, it’s provided at the rate posted in our office. However, please call before fueling at an off-site marina, and be sure to save your receipts. External fuel cans are prohibited.

Captains are responsible for checking the weather if bad weather approaches. If we request that you return immediately, please do so.

Standing on the bow of the boat while in motion or docking is not allowed. Fenders and lines must be stowed properly, and lines must not be knotted. If you lose a fender or anchor, there will be a fee of $95.

If there’s any damage to the boat, please report it at the time of the incident. If damage is not reported, the renter will assume all other damages to the boat. Please take pictures and document anything of concern.

All operators must have prior boating experience to rent a boat from us. If you have no previous experience, please let us know. This is for your safety and may be very costly.

If you plan on fishing, there will be a $100 cleaning fee for an excessively filthy boat. Please clean up after yourself, and remove all bait. If you need help disposing of bait, please see our staff.

We happily accept service animals and pets, but additional charges may apply for any damages or cleaning required. Furthermore, individuals of all abilities are welcome and if you require any assistance, kindly inform us during the rental or at least one day prior so we can make appropriate accommodations wherever possible.

Thank you for choosing Caloosa Boat Rental, and we hope you have a safe and enjoyable experience!